Selfie Day in the Flower Fields! Sept 14 & 15


Selfie Day in the Flower Fields! Sept 14 & 15


Saturday, September 14 from 4pm - 8pm

Sunday, September 15 from 1pm - 6pm

Friends of PepperHarrow and fellow flower lovers! We’ve been asked by multiple friends over the last few weeks to open up the farm for people to come look around, enjoy the gorgeous flowers and scenery on our flower farm. Well, this weekend is that special weekend to come out and get a million selfies to post on social media. We’re opening ourselves up for friends of the flower farm to come visit, grab a selfie and a bouquet or two.

September is an absolutely magical time on the farm. Our flowers are at their peak bloom time and are overflowing in the fields. The zinnias literally look like a rainbow with their vibrant, rich colors, and the dahlias are blooming their little hearts out with lush, unbelievably perfect blooms. Any dahlias enthusiasts out there? If so, you’re in for the treat of a lifetime.

Come live your best life and spend time enjoying the gorgeous flowers and taking all the selfies to last a lifetime. It’s going to be an experience to remember.

We want people to take their time and fully immerse themselves on the farm. Please feel free to bring along a picnic basket and enjoy a spot with your family to catch a quick meal, or feel free to leverage our open air event barn to kick back, relax and enjoy some light refreshments with your girlfriends.

As an added bonus, we will also be opening the fields for a U-Cut experience. We’ll supply you with a pair of snips and set you free in the flower fields to harvest your own bouquet. These will be priced separately (not included in event price) at the event. This is the perfect opportunity to snag fresh flowers for your table that you picked yourself.

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